torstai 29. heinäkuuta 2010

A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose

Let the autumn come! I'm ready :)

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  1. these are from h&m, no? they´re rad! i need them in my life!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  2. yes, def can't wait until autumn! cute boots, did you buy them? :) if not, you should!

  3. Style of a Fashionista: Thank you so much. I love that color too!
    Mode Junkie: Yes, their are from H&M.
    Lis: love them too :)
    nicole: Yes, i did bought them. I could not resist!!!

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  5. Hienot on :) Kiilakorot ovat kyllä niin käytännöllisetkin vielä!

  6. Té la mária-Reus: thank you for your lovely comment!
    Lilou: Jep, ei ainakaan tartu kannat niihin kauppojen tuulikaapien mattojen reikiin ;)
    The Dinitus: :)

  7. Oops, i meant Divinitus! Sorry!!!
    And thanks Frickys, so nice that you visited my blog :)


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