tiistai 24. elokuuta 2010

Cargo trousers

Ostin syksyksi jo yhdet vihreät housut, tosin ilman reisitaskuja. Pikku hiljaa on alkanut tehdä mieli myös cargohousuja. 

I have already bouhgt one pair of green trousers without pockets. Now i would like to have one pair with pockets...

Victorialla aika ihanat silkkipöksyt:

Like Victoria's silk trousers:

                                                                HOT OR NOT?!

5 kommenttia:

  1. ow YESSS for sure very very hot even <3 my fav is the first and last picture!

  2. Those from Victoria is awesome =)

  3. porkkanat on kyllä ihan mahtavat pantsut! pitäs itsekkin hankkia sellaiset!

  4. Silk pants especially with a pegged leg and combined with more structured outwear!


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